Amnesty International's Get on the Bus
A day of human rights action in New York City involving over 1000 activists from 11 different states.
Photos from 2001-2003.

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a-gotb2001_3wideyellers a-gotb2001_AIphoto1 a-gotb2001_AIphoto2
a-gotb2001_DanYell a-gotb2001_monk-flag a-gotb2001_Nigeria
a-gotb2001_NYvYell a-gotb2001_ny-yell a-gotb2001_PoliceLine
a-gotb2001_PoliceLinev a-gotb2001_RothGirls2 a-gotb2001_SkylineYell
a-gotb2001_tibet.flag a-gotb2001_YellFace a-gotb2002_ai2
a-gotb2002_march1 a-gotb2002_russia11 a-gotb2002_russia12
a-gotb2002_russia14 a-gotb2002_russia5 a-gotb2002_russia7
a-gotb2002_sign-in2 a-gotb2002_tibet12 a-gotb2002_tibet13
a-gotb2002_tibet14 a-gotb2002_tibet16 a-gotb2002_tibet4
a-gotb2002_tibet7 a-gotb2002_yell-big a-gotb2003_russia2
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