The Execution of Gary Graham (Shaka Sankofa)
In Huntsville, Texas

The following images were taken during the June 22, 2000 execution of Gary Graham (also known as Shaka Sankofa). Graham was a juvenile offender on death row (17 at the time of his alleged crime) who drew international attention because of pleas of innocence. Outside the Texas Death House, hundreds gathered - both in support of his execution and against it. Members of the New Black Panther Party and the Klu Klux Klan maintained their own presences as well. Also view the photos from the protests and civil disobedience in Austin three days before Graham's execution.

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Standing in the "Pro Death Penalty" area, a man holds a sign asking for the execution of Graham, a black man

A KKK grand dragon and other KKK supporters talk with members of the media

A young girl holds her toy gun, surrounded by her family, in the midst of spikes of racial tenstion between the KKK members and the armed Black Panters

Members of the new Black Panther Party stand in downtown Huntsville, armed and threatening the white media gathered at their feet

The scene during the Panter overtaking of downtown Huntsville, several hours before Graham was executed. Not one police officer was present.

Masked Black Panthers scope the crowd during the afternoon demonstrations and marches

The KKK outside the Death House

Police guard the Death House from protesters, some of whom jumped barricades and stormed the building in attempt to stop the execution

Death penalty opponents bore the 100+ degree day to stand witness against Graham's execution

Seperate areas around the execution building were designated for both "PRO" and "ANTI" Death Penalty activists


View photos from the Protests and Civil Disobedience in Austin 3 days Before Graham's Execution

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