Death Penalty and Execution Protest Photos, Photographs and Images
Images from Huntsville, Texas
Home of Texas's Execution Facilities

The following images show various sites around Huntsville, Texas, including scenes from outside the Walls Unit (the death house where executions take place), the Department of Corrections cemetery for dead and executed prisoners, and the Texas Prison Museum.

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A prison guard stands near the police line tape just put up to keep back opponents of the death penalty during the 1999 execution of Charles Rector

A cross rises from the roof of the Texas execution facility in Huntsville

A handful of people turn out to vigil during a 1999 execution in Texas

Main entrance of the Death House where witnesses to the execution enter the building just before the 6 pm execution time

The exterior wall of the execution facility in downtown Huntsville

The entrance to the Joe Byrd Prison Cemetery, where unclaimed bodies of dead or executed prisoners are buried

A view from within the Joe Byrd cemetery

Prisoner names are not engraved on the grave markers. Only the date of death and their D.O.C. numbers are shown

An "x" before the D.O.C. prisoner number indicates that the person was executed by the State, but no family member claimed the deceased's body

The grave marker for Willis Barnes who was executed on September 10, 1999.

Another image of an executed prisoner's grave site

A now-retired needle used to inject lethal drugs into Texas prisoners (on exhibit at the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville)

The now-retired "Old Sparky" electric chair used to electrocute Texas prisoners to death (on exhibit at the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville)

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