Death Penalty and Execution Protest Photos, Photographs and Images
The Routier Family:
A Woman on Texas Death Row

The following images were taken with Darin Routier, whose wife Darlie Routier, is on death row in Texas. On June 6, 1996, Darin and Darlie's two oldest sons, Damon and Devon were murdered. Drake Routier, 8 months old at the time, survived the incident. Darlie was convicted for the murder of two of her sons and current is awaiting execution in Texas. For more information on Darlie's case, see

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Darin and Drake at the gravesite where Devon and Damon are buried

Drake reaches up toward a Jesus statue in the cemetery where his two brothers are buried

Darin and Drake at the gravesite

Darin demonstrates where Darlie herself was stabbed during the attack on her and their two boys

Darin displays a bumper sticker for Darlie on his truck

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