Death Penalty and Execution Protest Photos, Photographs and Images
The Federal Execution of Timothy McVeigh
Terre Haute, Indiana ~ June 11, 2001

At 7:00 a.m., on June 11, 2001, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh became the first federal prisoner executed in 38 years. In protest against the resumption of federal executions, hundreds gathered at the U.S. Penitentary in Terre Haute where the death row and execution facilities for the U.S. Government are located. Vigils began the day before and lasted throughout the night until the execution was carried out.

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In a sudden downpour of rain, Bill Breeden comforts his wife, Glenda, minutes before the execution. Suzanne Carter centers the Circle of Silent Witness George White outside the prison at the time of execution
Circle of Silent Witness #1 #2 #3
Police head off the marchers near the prison entrance Marchers in the Sunday evening procession Amnesty International maintains a presence
A sign directs anti-DP demonstrators where to go Few turned out to support the execution Pro-death penalty side
Banner of the OKC bombing victims, sunrise Bill and Glenda Breeden bear witness in silence Proponents of the death penalty
Media photographers getting a shot Uncle Sam and Abe Bonowitz lead a protest march 2:00am program at the park, awaiting bussing to prison grounds
Bureau of Prison guards Federal Prison in Terre Haute, death site Two crossroads, a few blocks from federal death row
Papers the next morning show the headline news A newstand in New York City, 5:30 am the day after Tent and signs on prison grounds
Abe Bonowitz speaks to a crowd Leading an event Sunday evening Amnesty Banner, #2

MORE!!! Photos from the "National March to Stop Executions" in Indiana
An 82 mile march from Indianapolis to Terre Haute in Nov. 2000 to oppose the resumption of federal executions.

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