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"It would become harder to execute men one after another, as is done in our country today, if those executions were translated into vivid images in the popular imagination."
                    ~ Albert Camus

Photos for the Troy Davis week of action

Troy Davis Photo Resources

The following photographic resources are available for your use during the Troy Davis week of action, September 21-27, 2009. You have permission to download and display the photos (electronically or in print) for educational use, as long as you notify the photographer in advance (send email to with your name, city, state, and organization/school name).

Background to the photos: Scott Langley, one of Amnesty International's state death penalty abolition coordinators and a long time advocate of abolition, was in Georgia in the final hours leading up to Troy Davis's September 23, 2008 scheduled execution. On this day, Troy came only 90 minutes away from execution before the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in to stop it. Outside the prison, many emotional and candid moments were caught on camera, many involving Troy's immediate family. The photos below are from that photo series - available to you in order to tell the story of Troy Davis and educate others about the case.

Two options:

1. Print photos to hang or display during your action.

    Through the following links, 28 high quality photos are available from the execution vigil for physical display. Display can be done in more formal ways such as using frames or easels. Or it can work in less formal ways, such as just taping photos to walls or propping up on tables.

    To first see if the photos interest you, visit You can view which photos are available, and access text to use as informative captions (most of the photos need to be displayed with some sort of text to give context to what people are seeing in the photo).

    Then you can download the compressed .zip folder of all high resolution photos (this is a 98 megabyte file which will take some time to download. You will then need to use your computer's built in "unzip" or "decompression" tool to open it). The photos in this file are ready to print in large display sizes. You will need a good quality color printer, and preferably some good quality inkjet photo paper. Again, once you download and print these photos, use the link above to access the text you need to accompany the photos.

2. Incorporate photos into a slideshow that can be presented digitally

    You can download this PowerPoint file (file size is large), which contains photos from the Troy Davis stay of execution as well as descriptive text. You can use the slideshow in its entirety, or cut and paste the photos and text into your own custom presentation. This is a large file of 128 megabytes, so will take some time to download. Your computer must have PowerPoint installed in order to make changes to (and perhaps view) this file.

    If you would like to preview the PowerPoint file as a PDF before committing to the large download, you can access a 1.5 megabyte preview.

If you have any questions or have technical difficulties, please contact Scott Langley at or (518) 392-2810.

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